Professional Beer Line Cleaning. Keep Your Beer Tasting Fresh With My Beer Guy. Cleaning Your Beer Lines Improves the Taste of Your Draft Beer. Great for Home Bar or Commercial Use.

Service includes complete system cleaning. Lines are flushed with our very own special blended brewery approved cleaner. Then rinsed with water before being repacked with beer. This will effectively prevent yeast and bacteria buildup. Every 3 months an acid wash is flushed through the system to breakdown “beerstone”. Our draft technicians will disassemble and hand clean the faucets as well as clean the couplers in the cool

My beer guy is a full service company installing and servicing draft beer systems for restaurants, nightclubs, bars, stadiums, country clubs, and private individuals. Our service, installation, and preventative maintenance programs, system audits, and 24/7 service significantly reduce down time and increase profit margins.

Our services include: Beer and wine line cleaning, Glycol system service, bar supplies, draft beer system audits, emergency service and repair, refrigeration services, draft system installation and fruit fly elimination.

Bar line cleaning in chicago can be a tedious and unpleasant process that does not guarantee